About Us

Freedom Canada, Pardons and Waivers is a Canadian owned and operated company. We are an application processing firm for Pardons and Waivers, plus more. We offer a service that is reliable and unlike any other firm. We put your FREEDOM first. We have successfully served thousands of clients Canada wide and are rated #1 in the industry.

Utilizing RCMP accredited fingerprint services Canada wide, has allowed us to be the industry leader in the specific areas of:

1. Application Processing
Freedom Canada has an innovative processing system that ensures no time is lost in completion of each complex step of the application.

2. Integrity & Communication
Freedom Canada upholds significant integrity standards to ensure that honest and upfront communications is provided at all times.

3. Customer Service & Support
Freedom Canada offers phone, fax, email and texting support to ensure that each applicant is fully aware of the status of their application.

4. Competitive Fees
Everyone approved.

Official Freedom Canada Pardons and Waivers , Incorporated 2000, Functioning with the Ontario Provincial Police, Federal and Provincial Courts, RCMP and the Parole Board of Canada.

Why choose Freedom Canada Pardons and Waivers?

We honor our contracts and will not close your file until it’s completed. We keep you updated though out the entire process. We create a payment plan that works for you. We advocate on your behalf for employment opportunities during the process. We have an exceptional staff with over 20 years experience and we work tirelessly to complete your application as quickly as possible. We uphold all Government regulations making us the most used and respected Pardons and Waivers company. Your Freedom is our #1 priority.