Parole Board of Canada Reviewing Increases They Made in 2012

The Parole Board of Canada is now looking to review the increase they made in 2012 from $150.00 to $631.00 for a Record Suspension. There are looking at three different options.

Scenario 1

Currently, the user fee is the same for a summary offence application and an indictable offence application.

Under this scenario, there would be two distinct user fees – one for applications for offences tried summarily and one for applications for offences tried by indictment.

The user fee for a summary offence application would be lower than the user fee for an indictable offence application. This would reflect the fact that the amount of work required to process a summary offence application is generally less than that required to process an indictable offence application.

Scenario 2

The current user fee includes both the cost of screening an application (for eligibility and completeness) and the cost of processing accepted applications. If an application is found to be NOT eligible during the screening phase, the full user fee is returned to the applicant.

Under this scenario, the user fee would be split into two parts. Applicants would submit a separate screening fee AND processing fee. Applicants would be charged the screening fee at the screening phase regardless of whether or not their application is accepted as eligible.

This fee would be non-refundable. The processing fee, however, would only be charged if the application is accepted as eligible at the screening phase.

Scenario 3

Under this scenario, applicants would continue to pay one user fee that covers the costs of both screening and processing the application. The user fee would continue to be the same for applications for offences tried summarily and for applications for offences tried by indictment.

For applicants who are deemed ineligible at the screening stage, the full user fee would be returned to them. This scenario is identical to the current user fee process.

We believe the price is not the real concern it’s the new time lines that are holding people back from fully rehabilitating themselves.


  • You’re charged with theft under $100.00.
  • You wait 14-18 days for your conviction.
  • You get either 1-2 years probation.
  • Then you must complete the above probation time before your five year timeline is completed.
  • Then the parole Board on this summary offence can take 6 months to complete.

There goes ten years for a stupid mistake. Now add another 6-7 years if this is an indictable offence. No employment, no further Education, …

At Freedom Canada we offer low monthly payment plans with 0% interest … and, we help you get employment and obtain links to other services until you’re eligible. works for YOU, not against YOU.

Parole Board of Canada

Who deserves a Pardon/Record Suspension

At Freedom Canada we don’t endorse pardons/record suspensions for sex offenders. Even when the laws allow these offenders to get pardons or waivers, we have not and will not take on these types of cases.

Anyone capable of hurting a child is especially not the type of client we want to work with. We stand behind our slogan that everyone deserves a second chance, but we also believe that some information should stay transparent for the safety of society’s most vulnerable.

Some readers may find the following story hard to read.

More refusals at the US Border

CANADA-USA -SIGN CTV has just reported on another man being refused at the border due to a 24-year-old charge from his youth.

Honestly, this is not news to us here at Freedom Canada Pardons and Waivers. We have been in this business for many years now and have heard hundreds of these types of stories. Some people are even being refused passage at the border for charges that were dismissed, withdrawn… or that were given a conditional discharge; these charges were to be removed from record but never were. Once a client is refused crossing the U.S. border once this becomes a permanent situation, one in which a waiver becomes mandatory for further travel.

Waivers are not permanent and can be costly, and difficult to obtain. A waiver is a complicated document and the information that an application requires can be confusing for most.

Everyday people are turned away from the border even though they have a pardon/record suspensions; they are misguided into believing a pardon will give them access to crossing into the U.S.

It only takes one time being refused crossing due to a criminal record to set you up for a life-long requirement of a waiver.

The thing is even without a criminal record you can be refused access into U.S. The border guards have the right to refuse you for any reason they choose. If for any reason you act suspicious, if you are foul-mouthed, or disrespectful in any way it’s their country and their choice whether or not to refuse you.

If you do find yourself in the position of needing a U.S. waiver, than we are the company that can do it right for you. We have an exemplary success rate when it comes to obtaining U.S. waivers for our clients …as well as a lower cost, every time you reapply with us. Not only are we fast and efficient, we also keep you up-to-date on the progress of your file. We have the service that will work for you!

The Honest Truth

For a long time there has been a stigma attached to pardon and waiver companies due to client abuse by individual companies inTheHonestTruth-image01 the business. These companies have been bombarded with complaints and bad publicity, and for good reason. If you go online you will see many complaints to the better business bureau against their pardon and waiver companies. Many scam watch and consumer awareness sites are filled with warnings and horror stories in customer experience. The companies in question have become known for:

1. Charging clients for services they know the client isn’t eligible for.

2. Taking enormous amounts of time to complete applications.

3. Adding additional unnecessary costs through-out the process to make an extra buck.

4. Claiming to be a government company when they know very well that there are no government companies which do the processing for pardons and waivers.

5. Charging for consultations when they know clients are not eligible in order to get funds up front.

6. Not keeping the client up to date about the handling of their case (through emails, calls etc.)

7. Bad business practices such as clicking on rival ads in order to waste other businesses money, secretly charging clients they suspect are wealthy much more for the same service and charging money to re-do applications when the company in question made the mistakes which had it rejected.

At Freedom Canada we recognize the problem and we seek to be the solution, we know it’s going to be hard to earn your trust and demonstrate our reliability but we are going to try. Here we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, we believe in transparency and customer satisfaction.

We do not expect any client to pay in full for a service that may take up to a year to provide and we even offer reoccurring payments (without interest) with constant case status updates. We will never sign anybody up for a service if they are not eligible for it. Once a client is signed up to our company we ensure complete confidentiality, and take measures to make sure your business with us never intrudes on your personal or professional life.

If you seek employment during the application waiting period we will supply you with an employment letter to assist you in getting a job. We will work diligently on your case for you; that is our guarantee. Other companies count on your ignorance to make their profits, Freedom Canada will make sure you are informed and satisfied with your purchase every step of the way.

You will never find our company on any of these sites as we put our clients first.