More refusals at the US Border

CANADA-USA -SIGN CTV has just reported on another man being refused at the border due to a 24-year-old charge from his youth.

Honestly, this is not news to us here at Freedom Canada Pardons and Waivers. We have been in this business for many years now and have heard hundreds of these types of stories. Some people are even being refused passage at the border for charges that were dismissed, withdrawn… or that were given a conditional discharge; these charges were to be removed from record but never were. Once a client is refused crossing the U.S. border once this becomes a permanent situation, one in which a waiver becomes mandatory for further travel.

Waivers are not permanent and can be costly, and difficult to obtain. A waiver is a complicated document and the information that an application requires can be confusing for most.

Everyday people are turned away from the border even though they have a pardon/record suspensions; they are misguided into believing a pardon will give them access to crossing into the U.S.

It only takes one time being refused crossing due to a criminal record to set you up for a life-long requirement of a waiver.

The thing is even without a criminal record you can be refused access into U.S. The border guards have the right to refuse you for any reason they choose. If for any reason you act suspicious, if you are foul-mouthed, or disrespectful in any way it’s their country and their choice whether or not to refuse you.

If you do find yourself in the position of needing a U.S. waiver, than we are the company that can do it right for you. We have an exemplary success rate when it comes to obtaining U.S. waivers for our clients …as well as a lower cost, every time you reapply with us. Not only are we fast and efficient, we also keep you up-to-date on the progress of your file. We have the service that will work for you!